about the portraits

"You've captured us brilliantly!
  Thank you
  for creating the first
  Blake family heirloom!"

  Sharon Blake, 2004

"Seana is fascinated by faces and specialises in portraiture
  in a wide variety of media, and chooses her approach to best suit my subject.
  Her work is characterised by wit and warmth,
  often referring to the subject's life and loves.
  She achieves an uncanny likeness with lively brushwork and brilliant colour,
  drawing out so much more of the personality of the sitter
  than a photograph ever could.

  Filled with light and laughter, she hopes her paintings will make you smile."

Former subjects include:

Sir Peter Hall, Former Artistic Director of the National Theatre and Founder of the Royal Shakespeare Company
Lord Hayhoe, Former Cabinet minister and member of the House of Lords
Janet Suzman, Academy Award nominated actress, author, director and political activist.
Jacqueline Wilson, Best selling author and the "Most Borrowed Author in Britain"
Richard Briers, Sir Angus Ogilvy, Lord and Lady Rix, Prof. John Hunt
     and scores of beautiful children and happy families.

To learn more about her work, please look through the links below.

Mom for web
laughing boy
Viv in sepia, 11
tab for oil