Portraits in Sepia Watercolour

   Watercolour is the ideal medium
  to capture the fleeting
  delight of childhood,
  to preserve your memories ,
  and to create an heirloom that will be treasured by your children's children.

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This is a portrait of Shea, a charming boy who loves horses. It was painted in sepia watercolour on 22" X 30" Bockinford paper in Nov, 2005, in Bahrain.

I've developed my unique approach approach to watercolour portraiture, using only one or two shades of brown. These tonal studies evoke a nostalgic quality with resonance of Victorian photographs. I like to work from my own photographs, ofter catching a fleeting glance or characteristic gesture that would be impossible to capture in a formal studio sitting. Taking the photographs is a useful part of the creative process, giving me an opportunity to get to know the sitter a bit, and to always accentuate the positive! But I am also happy to work from your photographs is you already have a special image, or if the subject is unavailable.

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